loaves and fishes: berkeley and rona jaffe

it's been a long while since i felt like i belong in a place. i am in love with berkely, and want to make it home.

and in good, sustaining news: in about two weeks, i get to attend the bread loaf writers' conference as the bread loaf-rona jaffe foundation scholar in fiction. i am tremendously grateful  to both organizations for supporting me and my work. i'm even more grateful for the changes ahead.


Janet Miller said...

Hi there,
Congratulations on the Rona-Jaffe! I've read some of your stories so I know it's well-deserved.

I'm also from Berkeley and also going to Bread Loaf. Let me know if you might want to carpool. You can email me at janet.may.miller at gmail.

olufunke grace bankole: said...

hi janet,

thank you so much for these kind words. yes(!) i'll be emailing you shortly.

Anonymous said...

Grace!! I am so happy to find you and see that you are happy and doing what you love! I am so proud of you. Contact me at tmarieroye@yahoo.com