"26 bones" in glimmer train

my short story, "26 bones," appears in the current (fall 2011) issue of glimmer train stories. this story comes a long way. at the time i was working on it--mostly not writing it--i trudged through an incredibly hard time. i am so grateful to be on this side of things. i still feel tremendously joyful when i remember that linda swanson-davies and susan burmeister-brown said "yes!" when i least expected, and most needed to receive it.


loaves and fishes: berkeley and rona jaffe

it's been a long while since i felt like i belong in a place. i am in love with berkely, and want to make it home.

and in good, sustaining news: in about two weeks, i get to attend the bread loaf writers' conference as the bread loaf-rona jaffe foundation scholar in fiction. i am tremendously grateful  to both organizations for supporting me and my work. i'm even more grateful for the changes ahead.


god, i love oatmeal!

and (yes!) so does she.

for economic and temporal reasons, about a year ago, i began eating some kind of oatmeal almost every-single-morning, even during the warmer months. if i had it to do over again, it's an oatmeal blog i'd write. oatmeal for breakfast is so underutilized; i think it's because most people are used to their boring childhood variety of it. oh, but no more, no more.

fully committed to never having a boring food morning, i've come up with endless concoctions of cooked oats, fruits, nuts, milk, and nut butter. the yummy(!) secret is to cook the oats with water and some form of milk (soy, almond, rice, cow, etc.); this makes for a richer, creamier, oatmeal which is how i love it: rich and creamy.

                                        photo credit: www.everybodylikessandwiches.com
you can use any kind of oats (irish, steel cut, instant, old-fashioned) you like, but if you want rich and creamy, and you want the oats to cook quickly, then the texture of the raw oats  should be closer to powder than whole (either buy oats labeled as instant (more nutritious oat varieties now come in instant.) or use a grinder to make the texture finer). my breakfast this morning:

peanut butter banana and walnuts oatmeal (not pictured above):

in a small pot, combine:

a little bit of oats
a little bit of water
a little bit of milk
a half or whole banana
about a tablespoon of peanut butter
a little bit of walnuts

cook on medium heat for several minutes, until you've achieved: rich and creamy.

sigh. there! one of my favorite morning things.