la diffference

i'm here and well. i've been focusing most of my efforts on my creative writing, which is going well. (i have some good news upcoming.)

this beautiful tune by salif keita, la difference (i know a minuscule amount of french, so all i understand in the song is the line, "la difference," which means "the difference," of course.), makes me think about a couple of things that are now different for me:

* i finally get--really get--why my mother told me, in my youth, not to give mind to what people think/say about me: it does not affect my destiny. i used to care very much; i don't as much now. i feel freer.

* i'm much less dismayed by what doesn't come: i finally believe--really believe--that i'm being saved from disaster. (rumi of course understood this long before i was conceived.) today, i am thankful for each thing that didn't come when i so wanted it; in its place, i made room for more fitting things.

meanwhile, i'm enjoying la difference.

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