in the smallest things

this morning, i am so grateful.  here is why:

i woke up quite early, got fabulously ready, and packed my lunch (and breakfast) for the day. i got to the bus stop at least two minutes before its arrival time, but alas, the bus didn't come, and i had to wait about 45 minutes for the next one. i almost  began lamenting the sort of day this would be, until i remembered that in the past, this kind of delay has brought something good and unexpected. i was hopeful.

sure enough, at the cafe, as i looked around for a place to sit--where i'd also be able to plug in my computer--a gentleman (a stranger), without a word, moved a large table and a set of chairs from the other side of the room so that i could sit in a spot where i could easily plug in my computer. and then: the barista gave me my large cup of oh-so-good coffee gratis.

i am grateful for these sweet and wonderful things.

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