"going solo"

the current glimmer train bulletin is out, and along with essays by peter ho davies and others, it features my essay, "going solo." in the piece, i discuss--quite candidly--some of the ups/downs i've experienced since i began writing creatively, as well as some things i'm still learning about trusting the season of waiting. here's a tiny snip:

"In the wake of being thoroughly rejected from each program, and again, with no alternative plan and even less cash than before, I sold all of my things in Florida, bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco, without work or housing awaiting me here. Within two weeks of my arrival, I found paid work and a shared space, and eventually, more ups, downs, and in-betweens than I’d ever thought probable in a one-year period."   [click here for the full essay]


Stephen Bess said...

Congratulations on winning the 1st place prize. By the way, I love Egusi soup! :D God bless you Ms. Bankole.

olufunke grace bankole: said...

hi stephen bess,

thank you for this very kind note. you know, i've been thinking for a while now about posting a really good egusi stew recipe (especially for folks who might come here looking for one).