in/out the body...

about a year and a half ago, as i committed more seriously to the process of trusting myself, and what i know to be true, i began noticing my body's reaction to the people, things, and events in my world. my sense of knowing resides within my gut: when there is a lurch, a tightening, or a scattering, i know something is awry, even if i can't articulate the what, just then. i sometimes say to friends that i am less moved by what a person says or does, and more by what i feel about him/her, within my gut.

these days, my ongoing lesson is expression--speaking, doing, and being who i truly am, as opposed to what i imagine is more acceptable or pleasing to whomever or whatever i am facing. in turn, i am finding that the more i allow myself to be whomever i might be, the more room i have for others to be themselves. i grow and heal more when i discover who others really are, than when i hold them to the ideals i've imagined.

as i am more committed to saying what is true for me, and doing what feels right to my soul, my gut is settling, and even more love meets me on my path.

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