on dreams and making magic

have you read this, by paulo coehlo?

a friend recommended it to me two weeks ago, as we ate lunch:
"you've got to read it! [name of person i've now forgotten.] put it in my hand, and told me i had to read it."

if you are in the midst of pursuing your life's dream, and have met both luck and failure, or have been thinking for some time about taking the leap but are afraid, the alchemist is a good place to start: it's about the journey, the fears along the way, the valleys and mountaintops--working through them all.

i received the alchemist in the mail a few days ago, and began reading right away. yesterday morning as i read it on the bus, and as my stop approached, a young woman spotted the book and said to me:

"i saw that title in [name of book i've now gotten.]. the author recommended it."
"yeah, you gotta get this book," i told her.
"i will, i will." i hope she does.

later on that morning, after reading a few more pages, i put the book on my desk. dan, an office mate, pointed to it. "i've read that book. it's good all the way through."

i completed the alchemist late last night, and this afternoon, dan and i shared some thoughts about what we felt most resonated, in light of our own journeys. he inspired the following idea, which i am now putting to you:

the first person to email me with a mailing address will receive my copy of the alchemist. and the rules: you must read the entire book within a week of receiving it, and must then pass it on to another person who must follow these same rules.

(a note of synchronicity: as i researched paulo coehlo, in order to link to his website, i came upon this interview he gave at caffe trieste in san francisco. i am sitting inside this very cafe as i type all of this.)

may we have the courage to listen to the urging of our soul; may we trust that we have everything we need to answer its call.


dancin' in the streets!

throughout the united states, and around the world! (courtesy of dailykos.)

my dear friend who lives in the bahamas told me late last night that there were various obama celebration parties throughout nassau. and he said, the second he learned that obama had won, he thought of me and imagined i was somewhere crying and feeling overwhelmed...with joy--i was, and i am!

may barack obama's leadership facilitate a transformation that is healing and empowering.