on the verge

i just voted for the next president of the united states, and so proud am i, that i photocopied the filled-in ballot, for the sake of my own remembering especially as i watch--from somewhere--him take the oath of office a few months from now.

though a government/political science major in college, after the presidential elections of 2004, i was so disappointed, so saddened (again) by the outcome that i thought i might never again participate in that farce of a system--blasphemous, perhaps. but with time, it all changes. and in this year of change, transformation really, my hope is renewed that justice will be served this time around.


"that one"

the other one lost his bid for the presidency during last night's debate. this perhaps was most evident in that visibly frustrated moment, in which (seeking to criticize barack obama's voting record on energy issues), he referred to obama--finger pointed, clenched teeth and all--as "that one," much the way one might say, lip curled up, "yeah, that one. that idiot over there."

if these matters are decided by the feeling one gets just from watching and listening to the candidates (and most political scientists will note they often are), then john mccain is the bus ride home after a nasty day at work, while barack obama is the hug from a love, at the door. like the man who knows his wife is about to leave him, mccain spews at the mouth, itching with angst, grabbing at whatever is near. all the while, the wife packs her bags, cool and knowing, "a change is gonna come." indeed.


the funniest obama bumper sticker ever

it read: "if you'd rather die than see a black president, now would be a good time." where can i get one?

oh dear

anyone who's taken a city bus (in the states) is familiar with this sign posted above the seats directly behind the bus driver: "these seats must be vacated for seniors and disabled persons when needed." if disability is sometimes hard to gauge by simply looking at someone, seniority is much harder--what might appear to me, a fabulous older woman, might be senior citizen to someone else. worse yet? offering one of these seats to a pregnant woman (as a matter of courtesy), only to be told, "i'm not pregnant, sweetie." what to do!