for the work

today, i received money for something i love to do, am good at doing, and would do just because: i conducted a mission/intention coaching workshop for a talented group of women artists. art brings me money, and a lot of joy.


angels and dragonflies

as i continue settling here, i sometimes converse--quite excitedly, too--with strangers about the magical way in which things continue to show up for me, since arriving less than two weeks ago (housing that is more than i dreamed; paid work that is in a warm, vibrant environment). each time, the response is about the same: "you're meant to be here" or "it's meant to be."

i am learning that: when something fits us--when it is in agreement with who we are meant to be--there is little or no struggle. it is as if the dream gods, in their infinite knowing, bring the people, things, and experiences most necessary for the fulfillment of our dreams. each day, i marvel at how much easier it is to trust that what is meant for me is, and what is not meant for me isn't.

there is tremendous grace in the world.


without end

"this is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. first to let go of life. finally, to take a step without feet."

coming home

"we are dragged along by fate to that which we refuse to walk
upright."--carl jung


shifts and stepping stones

i stepped off the plane at about 9 p.m., into the embrace of two dear friends. three suitcases in tow--and the feeling i am meant to be here--i walked into san francisco, and the most exciting unknown of my life. like butterflies, there is a sweetness in my stomach.