in less than a week, i move from too-tiny-town, florida. the move has been a long time in thought, and intention. finally: action. i came here three years ago, from new orleans, hoping to sort out how to incorporate writing into my legal work. now, it is the writing that comes first; all else must accommodate it. and so, it is for writing that i am moving. i have become stagnant in this tiny space that has too little room for imagining--the hope of what might come next. i am ready to be settled into my work, a space that feels like home, a community of creative souls pushing into their dreams.

so, after attending this several weeks ago, i know it is time to go. i've sold nearly all of my things--a light landing is the best kind. i now accept that i have been letting go, letting go, letting go, of the things, which no longer fit who i've become.

where to? stay tuned...