"that one"

the other one lost his bid for the presidency during last night's debate. this perhaps was most evident in that visibly frustrated moment, in which (seeking to criticize barack obama's voting record on energy issues), he referred to obama--finger pointed, clenched teeth and all--as "that one," much the way one might say, lip curled up, "yeah, that one. that idiot over there."

if these matters are decided by the feeling one gets just from watching and listening to the candidates (and most political scientists will note they often are), then john mccain is the bus ride home after a nasty day at work, while barack obama is the hug from a love, at the door. like the man who knows his wife is about to leave him, mccain spews at the mouth, itching with angst, grabbing at whatever is near. all the while, the wife packs her bags, cool and knowing, "a change is gonna come." indeed.


ayo said...

So I wasn't alone. I felt just that watching the debate. I wonder why McCain is so contemptuous of his younger and brighter opponent. As an old man I expect some dignity from him.

iyan and egusi soup: said...


thank you for coming by.

well, you know how the saying goes, 'age is not wisdom.'