the magic, the magic

i've just watched barack obama's acknowledgement of himself as the democratic nominee for the 2008 presidential race. i also watched 16 months ago, here on my living room floor, when he declared his intention to enter the primary race. then he was and tonight he remains both a nuanced and invigorating blend of grace, genuineness, and astuteness rarely seen in a public figure, much less a politician.

16 months ago, watching and listening to obama was pure magic, shameless swooning and all. tonight, it is still magical--admittedly the more subdued form that results from experiencing a contentious race that has mirrored the most beautiful and ugliest of our natures. i'd certainly become fatigued of the process over the last few weeks. tonight though, i am re-energized and re-inspired by what is possible for we who witness this.

i'm grateful to be a tiny part of the grassroots movement that's led to this historical moment. i am reminded that 'hope' and 'change' are whatever we decide: superficial, feel-good slogans, or an opportunity to do the work necessary to become the best of what we might be. ultimately it is less about who barack obama is, and more about who we are becoming.

here is to living the dream, and more fearless 'hope-mongering.'


AlooFar said...

True Talk Sister.


Anonymous said...

Right on girl. Right on:)))))


iyan and egusi soup: said...

aloofar, long time no 'see.' hi back at you. :)

why hello there stacy-ann. ;)

Lisa said...

I was and remain "infected" with hope. I pray that fatigue hasn't sucked the resilience out of America and that the hope is contagious.

iyan and egusi soup: said...

lisa, i'm with you. it's a long way to november, *and* i have a good feeling.

Carleen Brice said...

I loved his speech last night. I say congratulations to us all because he's going to be good for this country. I know it!!

I stopped in the liquor store to buy a bottle of champagne on my way home today and the Ethopian man who worked there said he cried at Obama's speech (as did I) and he said, "Now my children know they can be anything they want to be." I thought I might cry again in the liquor store! :)

Sherry/Cherie said...


Sustenance Scout said...

I love this post and Carleen's story. Why some refuse to see it, I'll never understand. K.