the word

if we should ever look about us and wonder, how did i get here?, more likely than not, there are distinct markers winding back in time. more than any other memories, i hold on most tightly to the words of friends, family, and teachers (past and present) who believed the possibilities, even when i was nowhere near achieving them. the naysayers, too, have their place. and yet, their words have not lingered as intensely; if i am to recall them, they come only as blurry waves of knots from misshaped mouths.

some of us believe that unless the word is harsh, biting, or daring, it cannot be true, cannot be real. why is this? of course there is a place for criticism, when undertaken constructively and with the intention of improving matters as they are. the challenge, however, is to pause--if only for a moment--to reconsider the underlying purpose of what we speak, because whatever the word, every now and then, it shapes the lives of those who listen.


Lisa said...

I've read two posts in a row that are speaking to me so clearly you could be sitting in this room.

Sherry said...

If only -- if only I had known you in my younger self -- when all I heard was negative and "not good enough" and then I believed that when anyone else said unkind or harsh things. Strangely, I made it a point (and still do) to choose kinder words, empowering words, even when correcting or teaching my children -- or anyone else. But I would still "hear" negative words and take them to heart for myself. It was cancer that taught me positive is meant for me too.

Thank you for speaking these words -- they ring so true.

Carleen Brice said...

I'm so glad when I find a new post here! "knots from misshaped mouths" Wow!!!