a hiatus

there is something about this season that encourages more quiet, reflective, and purposeful ways of being. so, i intend to blog less, as i focus more on the writing, reading, and deliberateness that beckon. a few 'oldies but goodies' i have not yet read, but hope to complete by the year's end:
the god of small things (arundhati roy)
breath, eyes, memory (edwidge danticat)
god's bits of wood (sembene ousmane)
arrow of god (chinua achebe)
changes: a love story (ama ata aidoo)
the titles alone! happy autumn.



a conversation with the dear friend who did this, reminds me of the beauty of leaping--the plunge-of-no-return based solely on honoring (what we believe is) our calling. i have made several such decisions in the last few years; each time, i am amazed at how doors open in ways i hadn't yet imagined. those for whom writing is purposeful understand this. here is to caring less about what others think, and doing more of what the soul wants.


in stride

i've heard or read in various ways that a true mark of spiritual growth is to not be moved by criticism or praise, but to be fueled from within. the challenge, it seems, is accepting praise without becoming dependent upon it--attached to it in such a way that intrinsic worth is thereby derived. some time ago, i read an interview of writer uzodinma iweala (beasts of no nation) in which he quotes salman rushdie in reference to critics, "if you believe them when they say you're good, then you have to believe them when they say you're bad."


weekend in review

'in the flow' moment: a break from writing; indulgence in an 'at-home spa day'; silky salt scrub and sweet-smelling incense. encouraging moment: a personalized letter from a notable journal; its affirming content; i am right on time. hilarious moment: classic 'george behavior' on seinfeld. wishful moment: to be a lyrical dancer or a track and field athlete.


imagine a world

i think of fall as the season of renewal--the time of year when manifestation is particularly potent. sowing and reaping become oddly indiscernible; wherever we are in the growth process, the things we do now move us into a new place that is soon revealed.

everything is everything

as i think i've learned what i need to, things happen to remind me there are areas that require more attention. the last few weeks have presented opportunities to reassess my overarching intentions, and release the things that no longer serve me.

i am becoming more discerning, too--choosing only what resonates, as i am presented with others' opinions. each day, with divine guidance, i become more of who i am.


four o'clock

finally. my evening plant is in bloom!


opening spaces

opening spaces: contemporary african women's writing, edited by late zimbabwean writer yvonne vera (butterfly burning) is a compilation of daring, absorbing, and skillfully crafted stories that underscore: the diversity of narrative talent among contemporary african women writers; and the varied lives and circumstances of african women worldwide. of note are the stories, "stress" (lilia momple), "the barrel of a pen" (gugu ndlovu), and "the homecoming" (milly jafta).

the moment after

i am not sure when it happened, but it has. at some moment, i came to know that doing something else is not an option--no other thing to consider. this is my way of being in this world, and i am pleased. enormously grateful, too. perhaps it came through the countless incidents of synchronicity; dear loved ones who support with actions and words; or what i now identify in myself as fortitude. however it arrived, i embrace the path i have chosen.

"and suddenly, just like that, hope became knowledge."
the kite runner, khaled hosseini.


wise ones

at certain times, a dear loved one says to me, "you'll feel much better in the morning." and truly, the morning brings a sort of peace on whatever the worry of the night before.