full circle

i know, uncannily, that i teach what i most need to learn; as i share the insights of my journey, my own trust in the beauty and sacredness of the unknown is fortified. invisible acts of power (caroline myss), a nonfiction book i read some years ago, has given me deeper understanding of my own center of power, and its dynamic relationship to life purpose. may we continue to reach understanding, however it arrives.


Lisa said...

This book sounds interesting. I think we're all doing a little extra introspection right now. I hope to incorporate a more conscious and regular stock-taking process in this new year. A Happy 2008 to you!

Sherry said...

Understanding arrives on our doorstep in some of the most unusual and unexpected ways. Trusting the unknown allows us to dig deeper into ourselves for our faith to flourish and for our wisdom to grow. I'm glad that you have had such an enlightening experience.

iyan and egusi soup: said...

thank you. as you intend it, so may it be.

such beautiful reflection. thank you.