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song for night (a novella by chris abani) opens with the voiceless, fifteen year old my luck separated from his landmine diffuser platoon after an explosion, the aftershock of which, has until now, left him unconscious. we are right with my luck as he walks, hides, and swims through this unnamed, war-ravaged west african country, desperately searching for his unit, and the memories that led him here. song for night, it seems, is ultimately about my luck's (and perhaps also the reader's) journey to reconciling the darkness and light within. and maybe it is through this ultimate act of self-forgiveness--despite the atrocities he himself has committed--that my luck finds his way back. this novella is yet another haunting, imaginative, and almost too beautiful to absorb piece of writing from the thoughtful writer. from song for night:

"i have killed many people during the last three years. half of those were innocent, half of those were unarmed--and some of those killings have been a pleasure. but even with all this, even with the knowledge that there are some sins too big for even God to forgive, every night my sky is still full of stars; a wonderful song for night."


Sherry said...

Self forgiveness..one of the most difficult challenges we grapple with.

iyan and egusi soup: said...

i agree sherry.