better late?

before my hiatus, the lovely carleen brice of the pajama gardener tagged me for a book meme:

total number of books: i haven't counted, but am guessing 200+
last book read: song for night (chris abani)
last book bought: brother, i'm dying (edwidge danticat)
five meaningful books (in no particular order):

1. if beale street could talk (james baldwin): i read this on a greyhound bus ride from upstate new york to washington, dc, on my way home for the holidays; a superb love story, painfully and honestly written; the beginning of my admiration for james baldwin's works.
2. so long a letter (mariama ba): i read this during college, in my first post-colonial african literature course, which was taught by the brilliant biodun jeyifo; here, i share why this book means so much.
3. nervous conditions (tsitsi dangarembga): i read this in 2005, while trying to decide whether to leave new orleans; the first time i read something akin to my own movement between african (nigerian) and western worlds.
4. the beautyful ones are not yet born (ayi kwei armah): i also read this in the post-colonial literature course; journeying with the central character, known only as "the man," was maddening, but at times, hilarious; to this day, i remember the eloquently described "wet fart" and remain in love with the title.
5. graceland (chris abani): i read this shortly after nervous conditions and became so, so excited about the possibilities for literature by nigerian writers; this is a book that must be read--simple.

tagged: olumide of loomnie and anyone else who would like to participate!


Carleen Brice said...

Some good ones to add to my list here! Thanks for playing. :)

Sherry said...

I'm glad you did the meme...it always interests me to know what other people read, and why. I love the reasons why these books have meaning for you.

by the way...I think your name is beautiful.

iyan and egusi soup: said...

hi sherry,

thank you.

"...it always interests me to know what other people read, and why."

me too. and i think sometimes what we read says more about us than we might say about ourselves.

Ello said...

It's always fun to read other people's memes cause I always learn something. I've never read any of these books! Better get cracking I guess!

iyan and egusi soup: said...


you know, there are so many well-written, wonderful books out there it's hard/nearly impossible to get to everything, even the greats.