weekend in review

inspiring moment: receiving in the mail, a 'high priority' book from my wish list; then, discovering the friend who'd sent it had ordered an additional three, soon to arrive.

silly moment: relating the past week's events to a friend in a most dramatic and exaggerated tone; then, deciding to make a habit of this!

proud moment: returning to a workout plan that includes the elliptical and leg press machines.

'so what?' moment: eating an overstuffed stromboli soon after working out.

saving moment: continuing to write, even without external sources of encouragement; then, remembering that this has come in various forms--like the friend who granted my wish for more books.


loomnie said...

@silly moment.... sounds like a good decision; drama always helps. :)

iyan and egusi soup: said...


ha ha! of course. it makes life that much richer.

Lisa said...

I love the idea of the weekend in review and I love your inventory. I'll have to keep this in mind as I go through this week. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to observe your silly moment :)

iyan and egusi soup: said...


lol. my silly moment was more dramatic than a lifetime original movie. ;)