waiting on time

some months ago, i wrote on cesaria evora, and her haunting, beautiful morna--a genre of cape verdean music, which centers on the aching of nostalgia. i admire that evora came into 'success' quite untraditionally: she completed her first acclaimed album, miss perfumado, in 1992, at age 51, after years of uncertainty.

an e-mail exchange with lisa of eudaemonia reminded me of evora's story--that each of us is on a unique path of actualization. while we might look to the achievements and experiences of others for inspiration or lessons, nothing in anyone else's journey dictates what might (or not) be for us.


Lisa said...

This is so well said. I find that the older I become, the more patient I am and the more certain I am of the path I should be on. Nothing that came before feels like time wasted -- it all served to bring me to this very moment. Thank you for sharing the story of Cesaria Evora. She is an inspiration, as is the 96 year old man I read about recently, who just published his first book. :)

iyan and egusi soup: said...

dear lisa:

patience is a virtue i continue to work on. my handle on it changes from time to time. :D

"Nothing that came before feels like time wasted."

how divinely true! i say something similar when i'm asked about the path from law to writing. there is a certain divinity to the sequence of things.