the possibilities

writer carleen brice's recent post encourages me to think a bit more on my ideal writing space. i envision warm, comfortable, vibrant places. i am creating this, or something better.

(pictured: my fabulous collage.)


Lisa said...

It's funny. I have an office that I do my M-F work in. It's ideal as a work space and I do get quite a bit of writing done when I'm in it, but I notice I do just as much, if not more when I unplug and take my work outside to the deck outside my kitchen, or downstairs to the patio next to an apple tree. Maybe my mind doesn't like mixing my work for a living work and my writing work :)

Carleen Brice said...

Thanks for the mention!

Lisa, I too end up doing a lot of my creative work in the kitchen. Probably because my office is always such a mess. But I love the openness of sitting in the bright kitchen while I novelize. It's also nice to wash dishes while I think of the next scene.