even when

yesterday, i had the kind of morning in which i'd ask "why me?" aloud, at least twice. somewhere, somehow, a pipe burst, and water dripped for hours, onto the bathroom floor. and as all of this--laying more towels and sheets--was happening, i had a preset obligation to meet (and as the minutes passed, more arose).

in some way, i felt calm--blessed, even. all things considered, if the greatest worry of the day is a broken pipe, and a few hours of cleanup, all is well. so, after the plumber left, i put a favorite cd on blast, and cleaned.


Carleen Brice said...

How true, but how easy to forget! I tend to melt completely down in the face of plumbing or other household emergencies. It's not until days later that I realize that it was no big thang. Good for you!

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about your plumbing problem, but I'm very happy to hear how well you were able to put it into perspective and deal with it. You're right of course. If a broken pipe is the worst thing that happens to us, we are lucky :)