when to act

i am sure of what i'm leaving behind, but uncertain of what i'm embracing. i am thankful for knowing when i don't know, and allowing myself to just be until i do. i've found that inspired action--grounded in a kind of peace--more likely results in what i want, than action taken in fear, in a moment of uncertainty. and so, i wait.


Cilia said...

grace, this seems to be a lesson that is repeated, in life, continuously. thanks to repition, it becomes less anxious and more welcome. 'being still' is the answer, when you're unsure of the question. thank you for the lesson. cilia

iyan and egusi soup: said...


i'm happy to hear from you. (i've just sent you an e-mail.)

"being still is the answer, when you're unsure of the question."

beautifully said!