what i am learning

i gain the loveliest insights--what some call 'aha!' moments--in conversations with friends. yesterday, in the company of a dear, wise woman, i came to a deeper understanding of this: a life lived in neutral can't quite reach its greatest potential. being overly cautious, or 'straddling the fence' so that we might appear pleasing to all, tends to result in a blandness--a sameness--that defeats who we truly are. even more disheartening, we squander energy which might be invested in exploring our uniqueness, fighting our real selves.

as relates to my writing work (really, my path as a whole): i am recommitting to a boldness that reflects my truest voice.


Jamey said...

amen! be bright, be brave, be bold!

iyan and egusi soup said...

thank you jamey. i shall!