while i'm away

between june 24 and july 1, i'm in san francisco for the "voices" writing workshop. so i can fully absorb the week's experiences, i will not be blogging during this time. the opportunity for community has been a long time coming, and i look forward to sharing on it upon my return.

enjoy reading through previous posts while i'm away. thank you for coming!


the sweetest thing

last night, i spoke with my mum. there is little more comforting than the sound of a mother's reassurance; nothing more sacred than her prayers. there is a saying in my culture that a child's life goes well, as her mother speaks it so. i am thankful that my mother's words are in agreement with my path.



i continue reading, and writing. pictured: my productive pen, which of course is green, and a moon-shaped bookmark that reads: "there are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."--edith wharton.


point of power

others' behaviors are about them; our reactions are about us. we cannot control what others say, do, or think; we can choose how to proceed with our lives.


how come?

about a year and a half ago, i began practicing daily awareness. that is, i pay close attention to my thoughts, feelings, and actions as they relate to me and others--as i am mindful of these, i gain clarity on who i am becoming.


and then some

the artistic nature embraces flow of movement, flexibility of time, and expansiveness of space. in completing a writing project this week, however, i remember that within this realm, the much needed elements of precision, timeliness, and focus are ever present.

i am many things that are a perfect complement.

a prayer to be good


seeing ourselves

in tsitsi dangarembga's, the book of not, the philosophy of ubuntu--"i am because we are"--informs the main character's struggle to locate self, within the context of community. although ubuntu is an ideology of personhood with which many of us were raised, its place in our present world, is worth considering.

i'm drawn to desmond tutu's understanding that: "[a] person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed."


as if

i am thinking: we don't have to wait to know in order to begin; sometimes, we must first begin in order to know. the words are on the page, waiting to be written.


this is what it means

i talk much of 'being in the flow.'

the flow is: the divine ways in which the various areas of my life harmonize and align. it is needing money, and having it show up through friends and discounts; it is seeking an inspiring community of writers, and finding this, and this, and this; it is loving the color green, and receiving plants as gifts over and again; it is deciding that struggle is not for me, and meeting those who joyfully facilitate the journey.

i am fully in the universal flow, and grateful for all that is in it with me.


what if

"nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
--attributed to several sources


first thoughts

today, i begin another short story. as with most pieces, the opening sentence came to me as i went about the day. i am savoring the promise of beginnings.

a gem

last evening, while perusing blogs, i came upon the writers' group blog. each week, the four women writers alternately share personal experiences on the writing, editing, and publishing processes. they navigate the gamut of emotions with such fortitude, and commitment!


and then

after the rains

in spite of (still)

pigment pounding rays are washed down by rains that seem to have been taunted. a day indeed.


the way here

the telling of paths and process lets us know that others too have been on the journey; this openness, i believe, is critical to the building and maintenance of faith. but of course, we must be willing to tell.


ways of the universe

synchronistic events are many; lately, i've noticed these:
1) the stranger behind or in front of me in the grocery store checkout line is also parked next to me in the store's parking lot.
2) just as i say or read a word, the word is simultaneously spoken on the radio or television.
3) the things i dream at night, occur the following morning.


the art of dreams

last night, i dreamt of an expanding garden in the back of my home: elephant ears, and a kind of white flower plant with long, thick stems in a bunch. this morning, i awoke to a gift of purplish/green baby caladiums--their arrival, unceremonious, and matter-of-fact.

dreams are the possibilities of the waking world.


in the details

i spent much of the past weekend in the company of friends. in their presence, i listened attentively to the things shared and discussed. such conversations, i've learned, hold the possibility for affirmation, and understanding. we might not know until it's passed; still, we're moved in the direction of what we need.


perfect timing

i am learning that once we've committed to a particular course with clarity and intention, the "how" of accomplishing it arrives in various ways. today, it comes in the form of a conversation in which i found out just what i needed to know.

in a round

old things die, new things grow.