yes. i am.

today, two things happened that remind me that there are ways to be assertive, and self-honoring while maintaining respect for all involved: a conversation with a friend about international politics; an e-mail correspondence with a former colleague about tying up loose ends. when we connect to the heart of the matter and shift focus away from merely 'being right,' we reach mutual understanding.

my commitment is to this.


The Pseudo-Independent said...

I followed the link and this reminds me of core ethical values. I love your style and am committed to ethical values as well. However, as far as character goes, its funny that I consider my greatest strenght to be my greatest weakness. I think am too fair to a fault. But the world does not work that way and have had to learn to balance things. Ill be back.

olufunke grace bankole said...

dear pseudo,

i so agree that balance is critical--as we regard ourselves and others.