thread on skin

writing has deepened my interest in other art forms that seek to engage the senses--in particular: food, and music. i'm by no means a connoisseur of either. yet my appreciation of them, i think, makes me a much more sensitive lover of the written word.


loomnie said...

Hello... got here through a link and it seems you've got a good blog going. Will come back here again when I have more time. Think it would be worth checking giving some time.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

By the way, when I inadvertently stumbled into iyan and egusi soup, I was hoping it would be authored by a lover of written word. Glad I was correct.

Great blog and hope to see you around.

olufunke grace bankole said...

dear loomnie,

welcome. thank you for coming by. and thank you kindly for the link to my blog.

olufunke grace bankole said...

dear pseudo,

thank you. i'm glad you've come. the blog feels like a complement to my writing process.

and regarding the pic of ibadan: thrilled you like it. i'll add more soon. peace.