there was one

6 of my 7 tomatoes are ready to be picked. this one holds on to green. here is to enjoying the fruits of my work.


Ja said...

Isn't new life wonderful? How pretty your tomatoes are! I am trying to grown an herb garden with the basics such as basic, chive, borage, and a few others, and it's exciting watching the green buds sprout through.

Gardening reminds me of how I feel when I begin a new writing project and begin to craft the story as it too begins to form a new life.

I love your blog. Blessings.

olufunke grace bankole said...


thank you for coming by! i read your blog daily, and feel inspired by it.

you know, it's my dream to have a thriving herb garden some day. your analogy between gardening and the writing process is so right on.