lately, it's come to me again and again that things don't remain in limbo indefinitely. eventually we move in one direction or another. i think what determines which way we go is where our present energies lie. right now, am i thinking, feeling, and doing in the direction of my dreams?


Grace said...

Hey. I'm Grace, the Nigerian writer whose blog you commented on some weeks back (around April 27th). i am getting back to updating it now. I'm glad that you are checking out the new book, and I find it surprising that we seem to have some things in common (I plan on going to law school as well). I will tag your blog to continue getting updates on your novel's progress.

olufunke grace bankole said...


it's good to hear from you! i'm sure it's no coincidence we've met. if you have any questions regarding law school (wherever you are in the process), i'm glad to offer whatever help i can. i'll be reading your blog as well.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Well written, it makes echoes of the greats pass back thru my mind.

olufunke grace bankole said...

dear pseudo-independent,

the greatest of compliments--and so beautifully worded. thank you.

Ja said...

This is such a thought provoking post. I ask myself this daily as I continue to hone my craft. I then realize that the process is just like pumping iron. We just keep at it every day.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Dear Iyan and Egusi soup - certainly a pleasure to have had my interest drawn to your admirable blog!
I didn't realize that you were the artist behind the picture to the right? amazing talent!
Btw : thanks for stopping and hope to see you around. Ill be coming back or you can pass through mine at anytime.

Have a great weekend!