i admit i'm a young writer, early on her path. perhaps this is why i'm especially conscious of offering encouragement to fellow writers, no matter their status (e.g. published/unpublished, established/emerging, etc.). i've been blessed with much wisdom and support from a few writers, including those whose work i've long admired--i hope to be to others what they've been to me. those of us for whom the work is purposeful, understand in some way that we've chosen a path often fraught with negativity.

for the sake of my work and wellness, i decided some time ago to focus on my art and craft, and leave the madness to those who choose to engage it.


Trenee said...

Thank you for adding my link to your "for writers and readers" roll. I am honored and will be sure to do the same for you.

Thanks again for the love--because I swear nobody is paying my blog any mind.

Will you be attending VONA this summer? I saw the link and was a little curious.


olufunke grace bankole said...

dear trenee,

you're dearly welcome. always trust that someone is paying attention.;)

yes, i'll be attending the first week of vona. so looking forward to it--i've heard such wonderful things!