it is given

today, i am remembering that whatever we choose to create, the process of accomplishing it should be within the natural flow of life. whenever the 'doing' becomes arduous or stressful, perhaps we are swimming in the wrong waters.

in line with this, i have learned to ask for what i want. if i get it, i am meant to have it; if i do not get it, perhaps there is another path to be explored.


Carleen Brice said...

I had lunch today with a woman who edited a new book called Blessing in Disguise (comes out next month). The Denver Literary Ladies were exchanging white elephant gifts. Andrea came to the lunch with a bag that was pumpkin themed. She said she put out to the universe, send me some pumpkin candy to add to my bag. My sister-in-law sent us some "pumpkin bark" (pumpkin and chocolate candy) that we didn't want. I took it to the lunch and asked, Does anybody want any pumpkin candy? She was floored. We added it to her bag.

Yes, yes, yes: ask for what we want!

Congratulations again on your Vogelstein Foundation Award!!!!

iyan and egusi soup: said...

i love this story!