from this to that

"and this.
even this." chris abani, becoming abigail.

a novel opening i can't forget.


shop liquorice said...

SO glad i found your blog! i read 'becoming abigail' a while ago and i was completely in awe -- still am. he has a new novella coming out later this year. can't wait!

olufunke grace bankole said...

hi shop,

thanks for coming by.

i'm looking forward to reading his latest, the virgin of flames. have you read graceland? i recommend it.

shop liquorice said...

i started 'graceland' but haven't finished it yet :( it has been almost a year :( i have 'the virgin of flames', too! will finish them this summer and get back to you!

olufunke grace bankole said...

looking forward to your thoughts. :)