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last fall, as i read through julia cameron's the artist's way, i was saddened by the discussion of artists who are unsupported in the pursuit of their work. since committing to writing, i've been blessed with loved ones, strangers, acquaintances, and colleagues who have been tremendously generous with their spirit, time, money, and wisdom.

even my mother--who awaits the 'rewards' of her child's ivy league degrees--lets me know from time to time that she understands i am doing what i am meant to do. "i've always known," she'd said. i've come to understand that there is little more important to the writer than the encouragement of her surroundings.

this morning, i am grateful for the firmness of loving hands.


Anonymous said...

I honor your willingness to recieve that support, Grace...that you ask for and graciously welcome what you need and desire. By its very nature writing is isolating; it takes intention to embrace and enjoy others as part of our journey. Kudos to you for doing that...and thank you for allowing me to be a part!

olufunke grace bankole said...

dear joy!

thank *you* for being one of the most special parts of this experience.

Ja said...

Most people don't understand us as writers. You are blessed that your dear mother does understand.

I realize the life of a writer is isolated, but without my writing, I have no life. It is the life force energy of my existence.

olufunke grace bankole said...


yes. words are the life.