on the horizon

ben okri is a writer whose words are led by the spirit of boundlessness. his great novel, the famished road, won the booker prize in 1991. while reading a bit on him, i found this deeply moving piece he wrote in 2004 for ode:

an excerpt of the article, "healing the africa within us" (ben okri, ode issue 16):

"And so we have to heal our Africa within. We have to re-discover the true Africa, the Africa of laughter, of joy, of originality, of improvisation, the Africa of legend, of story-telling, of playfulness, the Africa of brilliant colours, the Africa of generosity, of hospitality and kindness to strangers, the Africa of immense compassion, the Africa of wisdom, of proverbs, of divination, of paradox, the Africa of ingenuity, and surprise, the Africa of a four-dimensional attitude to time, the Africa of magic, of faith, of patience, of endurance, of a profound knowledge of nature’s ways and the secret cycles of destiny."

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jenn said...

I agree with every statement you made here. Even though I have put down "Stars of the New Curfew" for now I know that I will return to is soon.

BTW, I like what is happening with your blog. Keep it up!