much is given

after returning from nigeria last summer, i promised myself i would approach my work with a spirit of excellence. not everyone who wants to create, has the opportunity to do it as i do. writing is a gift of spirit, place, and time. my gift back: to bring my best self to my work.


joy list

the mere prospect of diving into this.

as i am

it's taken me longer to come post; it's taken me equally as long to figure out where i am today. i'm learning to trust this creative process at its most confusing and frightening. i'm releasing the residual fears, and trusting that my place will find me. fear doesn't last long--i am transforming.


on the horizon

ben okri is a writer whose words are led by the spirit of boundlessness. his great novel, the famished road, won the booker prize in 1991. while reading a bit on him, i found this deeply moving piece he wrote in 2004 for ode:

an excerpt of the article, "healing the africa within us" (ben okri, ode issue 16):

"And so we have to heal our Africa within. We have to re-discover the true Africa, the Africa of laughter, of joy, of originality, of improvisation, the Africa of legend, of story-telling, of playfulness, the Africa of brilliant colours, the Africa of generosity, of hospitality and kindness to strangers, the Africa of immense compassion, the Africa of wisdom, of proverbs, of divination, of paradox, the Africa of ingenuity, and surprise, the Africa of a four-dimensional attitude to time, the Africa of magic, of faith, of patience, of endurance, of a profound knowledge of nature’s ways and the secret cycles of destiny."


early this morning, i finally went to the store for the household products i'd been needing. i pride myself on being a minimalist in most areas of my life; still, i returned from the store feeling the urge to rid the space of each thing that no longer serves me. as i let go of things i no longer need, more of what i want appears.


last evening, i learned tsitsi dangarembga, zimbabwean author of nervous conditions and the book of not, is interviewed in the latest issue of transition magazine. i was thrilled to learn this, as she's someone whose work and spirit i admire. nervous conditions is the first book that pulled me to write my own stories.


gifts of the spirit

late this morning, a good friend called and asked if she could stop by. she blessed me with her company and a delicious fruit/nut/chicken salad. i didn't have to leave the house afterall. this stillness has allowed me to reflect and organize.


this morning, i returned to two stories still in the consideration process. as i reread one of them, it felt good to know that i still trust what i've written, and would write it again today. the challenge for me is to remain grounded in the knowing that i have written the stories i'm meant to write, even if publication hasn't yet arrived.

as a general matter, i'm thinking about the process of trusting what we know, when external circumstances are not yet aligned with that knowing. i am practicing faith.


the flow of reciprocity

so, i've been in search of organizations that nurture and support african women writers. i came across the organization of women writers of africa, inc. (owwa). how thrilled i was to find this website! i soon learned though that owwa's last conference was held in 2004, and the website seems to be inactive. i've been in touch with celebrated writer, ama ata aidoo (one of owwa's founders) to inquire of the organization's status and future plans.

it would be a tremendous joy to be in the presence of like-spirited african women writers. i find that the more i seek community, the more i want to help create it. my greatest intention is to be the nurturing, supportive, spirit-filled community i seek.


preparing character

as i was falling asleep last night, i started thinking about the process of being prepared for the path we've chosen (or the things we've prayed for). before last night, i thought of the process of being prepared more as an ability to meet the responsibilities of that thing. this morning, i'm thinking the preparation is more about character--whether our personhood (all that we've acquired of it thus far) matches that which we hope to be. what are the qualities of the thing, and do we hold the same?


the three answers

i read somewhere that prayers are answered in one of three ways:

"not yet."
"wait, i have something better."

(source: unknown)

so it is

i had a dream last night on something i'd wanted confirmation on: the words and feeling of it were in perfect alignment with my waking prayer. my dreams manifest in satisfying ways.


this or something better

(photo source: VCOM)

flight of the bumblebee

i read this on blackwomanwriting--a favorite blog--this morning, and felt good vibes:

"Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway."- Mary Kay Ash

when we don't entertain potential limits, the world opens to us even wider. i am flying.


checking in

today, i rewrite my affirmations. from time to time, i ask myself whether my written affirmations are inclusive of all my present intentions. at the moment, i am working on allowing--that is, allowing others to be who they are, as i allow myself to be who i am. it's a way of making room for all that is possible within all of us. in doing this, i also allow for all the good that is to come to my work.

the one

last night, the new orleans jazz fest kept coming to mind. not surprisingly, i woke up this morning to learn the festival begins in just a few days. i was there in 2005, and had a lovely time. on my life list is to attend an oliver "tuku" mtukudzi performance and dance to "mutserendende", one of the most divine songs i've ever heard--it makes me nostalgic for something i'm yet to discover.


like being in love

at this moment: a feeling of great optimism about my work, the possibilities of it, and really, the possibilities of community. this must be the vona pre-effect. i want to wake up and be with it, this feeling.

the phrase 'path of least resistance' keeps coming to mind. since yesterday, it's popped in and out. for me, it means 'being in the flow.' letting things be as they are without fighting or running after them. i've experienced that life unfolds more peacefully when the process is natural. without force.

the lesson for me: run after nothing. remain in the flow.